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He was fortunate enough to be chosen on a panel of Judges for the N.A.A.C.P. A.C.T.S.O. National Poetry Competition where students competed for scholarship funds to expand their endeavours in college. He has been a featured poet at the Hollywood Improv with his band "Philosophy and Scholars"
Which is composed from the idea of elevating the literary arts and evolving the craft of poetry. He was also the Mastermind behind Philosophy 101: "The Evolution of Poetry: a poetry brunch at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles", where he fused an immaculate champagne brunch, with top notch talent, and illustrious poetry. He then produced the "Vernacular Vanguard" a dynamic poetry show in the Number 1 speakeasy in California The Exibition room. During his path to follow his passion of creativity he co-founded "Poetry in the Parlour". It is an open mic at the helm of the Federal bar in downtown Long Beach ca. He has worked extensively with the Long Beach City Council with poetry driven PSA's to invoke job growth in the community.
Some of his most enjoyable work was in the poetry workshops He's lead for the Pasadena School District, Long Beach School District, and the California State University System. Philosophy is a catalyst to spearheading the charge in a band comprised and composed of he's own literary works and he is currently touring Los Angeles County. When he is not body slamming poetry on page, wrestling wild alligators, or marathon running on the cement streets of Long Beach, I am being Atlas.... because he is not the only being, able to hold the world on his shoulders; I too am a Titan.

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