Using the tactics of wolverine in a relationship,
Until you,
Produce wounds that wouldn’t regenerate,
Forcibly accelerate
Fearlessly striking my antimantium, breast plate,
Puncturing tissue,
Leaving inches between rib and flesh,
Tiger clawing savagely
Through my chest cavity,
Scratching every ventricle, slicing every artery,
Dangerously carving through the confines of my heart,
It came to me as an epiphany…
I’m only human…
Clamping with the strength of vice grips
Closing the door-walking-away,
Confetti cutting, sword thrusting,
Leaving me on the road side abiding by solitude
Torso crushed,
Like a daises pluck,
“She loves me… She loves me not”
She is not in love with me
I concede…
May mercy succeed my life by death?
Tunneling through the peach haul of my soul,
Consuming the memories of you and I
Every last picturesque picture,
Every swing in the park,
The dwell of laughter and laughter
On a carousel
I want you gone like dead beat dads
You have infringed on my psyche
And alcatrized my manumit
To say I hate you,
Would belittle the phrase
And undermine the underlined power of diction
You are vindictive,
And I … addicted…
Voluntarily taking twelve steps
To rehab our relationship
Chasseing the discourse and physical discomfort,
Leaving me disheveled,
Trying to unearth an apology,
Digging my own grave shallowly,
Lynching my own ligaments,
A strange,
But to familiar fruit,
Withered by the wonder of your touch
Derived from lack of trust,
In bondage…
Bondage of the heart,
Neck noosed, rope around my throat,
Burning through the coarsen if your words
Festering heat, increased,
By more…and more… lies,
And tears come faster than a minute man
And I whale –till morning
Mourning as death to father’s son.
An X-man
Fearless as Wolverines Exo-skeleton
But only human.